Organize your subscriptions!

You spoke, and we listened. Now, from the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ dropdown, you can go to the ‘Organize subscriptions…’ page.

On this page you can, reorder/rename your feeds and folders, unsubscribe feeds, create folders and find nirvana.

A couple other things:

  • The ‘read all’ image is gone.
  • There are now ‘Collapse All’, ‘Show All’ and ‘Show Unread’ options for your list of subscriptions.
  • I love scotch.

Introducing the Anonymous Democratic Feature Suggestion System

If you look up in the the top menu now, you might notice the new Feature Requests tab. We have been receiving tons of feedback. (Thanks! Keep it coming.)

In an effort to keep track of all of the suggestions, as well as, having a way to prioritize the requests, we have created a feature suggestion system that let’s create and vote on suggestions going forward.



Using Chrome and the RSS Subscription Extension?

If you are using Chrome and the RSS Subscription Extension by Google (RSS Subscription Extension), then here’s how you add Red Tree Reader to it for quick subscribing from the URL bar.

  1. Goto the RSS Subscription options
  2. Click Add…
  3. Set the Description to Red Tree Reader
  4. Set the URL to
  5. Click Save

Now when you can quickly subscribe to new feeds you come across.

Hang in there

To all of you early adopters, hang in there as we work through the kinks. Red Tree Reader was only born a week ago.

Several stability issues have been addressed today – as well as some other bugs.

We also pushed out a mobile interface update this morning, so you can now use RTR on your phone and tablets.



How to get started

The first thing you’ll want to do is click the ‘Add Subscriptions’ dropdown in the top left corner to import your subscriptions.

Once the import is complete, the interface should be familiar if coming over from Google Reader.

Keyboard shortcuts

Currently a subset of the keyboard shortcuts found on Google Reader have been implemented.

j/k – next/previous item

s – star/unstar item

m – mark item as unread

space – scroll down 1 page