Quick update.

You might be seeing a little bit of strange behavior happening. In order to save on the mounting costs, we decided to archive all of the data older than a month. The easiest way to clear up the mess is to do a ‘Mark All As Read’.




Speed enhancements and reduced costs, yay!

You might notice that some of the loading has sped up today. While work on this side project has become minimal (at best) I did discover some ways to improv performance while I was working on ways to drastically reduce the hosting costs – and what you have there, boys and girls, is a win-win!

Happy Reading

How’s your day going?

Hopefully well.

Just wanted to put out an update. The site seems fairly stable now and the database of users/blogs/posts is ever growing.

Updates have slowed down due to projects that pay, and will likely be a once-a-week occurrence for now. Gonna tackle the number one feature request next: Search. For some reason, other sites seem to thing that’s a huge undertaking. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I can tackle it in a day! Ambitious, yes, but I do have some background in search… stay tuned.

Holiday Technical Issues

Sorry folks, we are experiencing some technical issues and the holiday celebrations are slowing the fixing. We’ll be back up as soon as possible.


Happy 4th!